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Verriez Executive Search

Specializing in CFOs and Senior Financial Officers

Successful executive search and recruitment doesn’t just happen; it takes time, dedication, research, creativity, an appreciation of both client and candidate requirements, plus an in-depth knowledge of national and international talent acquisition.

This is precisely why Verriez has been the ‘go-to’ retained boutique executive search firm since 1985.

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Solving our clients’ hiring challenges for over 30 years

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Executive Search

The team at Verriez offers exceptional quality retained executive search services for all types of senior financial roles.

Senior Financial Officers & CFOs

Whether you're looking for an experienced COO, CEO or CFO, finding the right executive candidate is vital for  the financial health of your business, whatever industry or sector you operate in.

Private Equity

At Verriez, we are proud that clients across Canada and beyond consider us their 'go to' people for financial and accounting executive searches, whatever business they are in.

USA & Mexico Search

The traditional flow of executive talent between the United States and Canada has provided a wealth of experience for companies on both sides of the border.

We recruit the exceptional executives your company needs

Every executive position or senior level role you need to fill has unique requirements for skills, experience, and leadership qualities. So at Verriez, we take a custom-made approach to achieve a successful fit of exceptional candidate to exciting executive role.

At Verriez, we help national and international businesses acquire the exceptional talent they need, and progressing candidates in their executive careers.

The secret behind our success over the last thirty years is simple: all Verriez executive search is quality executive search, whatever discipline or role you wish to fill.

We apply the same rigour, energy, expertise, experience and professional instinct to every search we conduct, regardless. We count success not just by the number of executive roles we fill, but the number of very satisfied client companies and candidates still working and progressing together years after our initial search. We may not try to place as many candidates as our larger rivals, but we have an enviable completion rate of 98% and an equally reassuring retention rate even after several years.

What our clients say about us

"Gentherm (Texas) Inc is a leader in thermal technology; we design, develop, and manufacture heating, cooling, and ventilating devices for diverse global markets. We expect that our proprietary thermal technologies will be used to create the next generation of thermal comfort and energy efficient products.

Gentherm Inc is recognized by our largest automotive industry customers as a dependable and outstanding supplier of heated seating, climate seating, electronics, and cables. We successfully incorporate lean processes on a global scale, enabling us to provide value now and continual improvement for the future.

We have locations in 11 countries, and have more than 5,000 employees worldwide. Gentherm’s development, production, and customer service locations are within close proximity to customers so that we can offer an exceptional experience."

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