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As every executive knows, change is a part of business life. That applies as much to your executive role as to the company or the economic climate. 


• Your role has changed, or no longer presents a stimulating challenge each morning

• The company is going in a direction you're not enthusiastic about

• It's time to look for new pastures as part of a career transition

We can help you find exciting, interesting, and diverse opportunities in Canada, the US, and further abroad.

Or, if you’re not sure about making a change in the current climate, we can talk through your career aims and ambitions, and help you move forward.

Are you our ideal candidate?

We’ve helped hundreds of executives find their ideal executive role, whether internationally, nationally, or just around the corner! We listen to your requirements and goals, not just the client’s, and look beyond your CV to discover more about you as a person too. We’re looking for a perfect fit for both you and our client, after all.

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Ideal Candidate Profile

Who we're looking for!

Every executive search is unique, and therefore there is actually no such thing as a "perfect candidate". Instead, we look for the best fit between candidate and company for all senior level positions, an idealcandidate. 

Finding ideal candidates involves listening closely to the client’s requests and to your skills and ambitions. Our care and diligence from the first conversation we have to the moment you walk in the door for onboarding ensure complete satisfaction from both company and candidate, and a longer-lasting and more successful business relationship.

Executive Candidate

Let’s get past the obvious first. As a business professional or executive, you already know the requirements for excellent presentation, superb communication skills, and a will to succeed. It goes without saying that your resumé will be varied and interesting, and show your skillsets and achievements to date.

At Verriez, we also want to discover the individual behind the CV, to learn about your own goals, ambitions, career plans, and what really excites you in the world of work.  With this knowledge, we can ensure the perfect fit for both sides, without wasting your time or the client’s.

Senior Finance Officers and CFO candidates

Our core business is sourcing quality Finance Executives and Chief Financial Officers for companies based in Ontario, in Canada, the US, and further afield.

Depending on the position requirements, many of our clients ask us to target CPA designated candidates (CPA, CA; CPA, CMA; CPA, CGA) sometimes coupled with an MBA or even a P.Eng. We source talent at executive levels such as Senior Manager / Director, to 'C' Suite level. 

Assured Candidate Confidentiality

Please rest assured that the submission and contents of your resume would remain strictly confidential. When we contact you for a potential job match, you can then grant us permission to provide that information to our client. 

Are we up to date?

Already sent us a resumé but changed jobs or been promoted? Send us your updated resumes as often as necessary in order to maintain the accuracy of our database. Remember to update your email address and your cell phone number as required, so we can get hold of you quickly but with maximum discretion.

Finance Executive Job Boards

Executive search website job boards brimming with enticing jobs across many sectors may look impressive. However, they are very much a blunt instrument when it comes to achieving a good fit between role and candidate.

We much prefer to work with you at a personal level, finding out what you have to offer and then matching you with the ideal role for your skills, experience, and personality. 

Career Opportunities: List

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