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Executive Coaching & Exit Interviews

The process of recruitment is ongoing, whether it’s ensuring that your new executive has access to all the information they require, or finding out why a key member of staff is deciding to leave your company.

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Executive Coaching Support

Any individual moving into a new executive role will have a myriad of challenges to navigate from the moment they arrive, which can be stressful for both the new employee and the employers.

Having access to confidential coaching support on a daily basis can make the essential difference for a new executive between keeping their head above water, and leading from the first day. 

Verriez partners with a leading business coaching practice to offer exemplary executive and leadership coaching services - just contact us for details.

Exit interviews

Knowing why your current employees leave is the key to keeping your most valued employees move forward.

An exit interview is your chance to find out why they are leaving, and potentially fix the problems. Lessons learned can prevent costly and potentially demoralizing employee turnover in the future. 

Our team has experience in gently probing into the rationale behind colleagues deciding to leave.

We are highly skilled in getting to the heart of the issues that make colleagues dissatisfied, and as a third party, they often tell us information that they would not feel happy telling you face to face.

We’re always happy to help companies discover the benefits of a frank and open discussion about why people leave, and how to entice them to stay.

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