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Redefining CEO Expectations

The role of a CEO has undergone a profound transformation over the past three decades. What were once traditional expectations of ethical stewardship, competence, and the ability to make tough decisions have evolved into an increasingly complex and elusive quest for perfection. This shift can be attributed to two key trends that have reshaped the landscape of CEO leadership.

First there is the rise of CEOs as public figures. In contrast to historical norms, where CEOs primarily managed company resources and ensured the smooth operation of the business, today's CEOs are expected to be visionary leaders and the public face of their organizations, reshaping the way CEOs are perceived and the expectations placed upon them.

Second, the growing list of corporate responsibilities has redefined the CEO's role. Today's CEOs are required to be not only effective managers but also strong communicators who can inspire and motivate employees. They must possess a clear vision for how their companies will address pressing social and environmental issues while maintaining transparency about their impact on society.

The main tasks in which CEOs absolutely must excel range from maintaining relationships with senior stakeholders to setting and embodying the organizational culture and making decisions on the organization's strategy. CEOs are also responsible for creating a process that leads to a deliverable vision and selecting and developing their senior leadership team.

Today’s CEOs must assemble a proficient C-suite around them to support their ambitions and compensate for their shortcomings and empower each member to assume a leading role by delegating relevant responsibilities. In this era of heightened demands, only through collaborative efforts can CEOs ensure their organizations live up to the ever-growing list of expectations.

In addition, three traits set successful CEOs apart: a learning mindset, the humility to recognize they can't do it alone, and the ability to draw ideas out of their teams. CEOs should not be aiming to meet unattainable expectations but effectively leading and inspiring their teams to achieve exceptional results. As the role of CEOs continues to evolve, this delicate balance will be the key to shaping the future of their organizations.

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