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Hiring Finance Interims: Part 3

In today's business environment, there is a need to work smarter and more efficiently, with a real focus on efficacy. Accounting for every dollar is fundamental for Managers responsible for delivering results through organizational performance. Great hires are essential but can be expensive, so many businesses are taking advantage of the considerable benefits of using Finance Interims.

Interims represent a significant percentage of today's working population around the globe and there are advantages in the areas of cost, flexibility, performance, and management.

We’ve compiled a list of best practices for hiring Finance Interims. For Part One of our series, click here, For Part Two, click here.

Here are our final thoughts when it comes to hiring a Finance Interim:

  1. Results

When you're in the “getting it done” phase, the process can sometimes get complicated and become unclear. Trust your earlier judgment and let your Interim help you to work through potential challenges.

It is essential that you agree on measures of performance, milestones, and desired outcomes and that you review performance and progress regularly with your Interim and Interim provider.

  1. Ask yourself questions about the Interim to help you determine their suitability.

  2. Are they listening - are you really being heard?

  3. Are they helping you to explore and understand the job or project better?

  4. Are they interested in your needs?

  5. Are they meeting your needs?

  6. Are they happy to be challenged - do they encourage it?

  7. Are they clear about how they will tackle the job or project?

  8. Are they keen to agree and achieve measures of success?

  9. Will they complement your team and organizational culture?

Another area to consider is Knowledge Transfer. As the Interim period or project comes to an end, a plan to hand over information and transfer knowledge should be a priority.

Remember: not every Finance Interim would be a good match for your organization. It’s recommended to work closely with an executive search firm experienced in Interim Hiring. We can help you find the right fit.

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