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Hiring Finance Interims: Part 2

Clients often ask what type of person to expect when hiring a finance interim. We all know that there’s no cookie-cutter for senior finance executives, but there are usually some similarities among candidates.

Finance Interim executives are usually senior finance experts, who tend to be very experienced in a wide variety of environments. Typically, are taking an interim role while deciding on their next permanent role, or they simply prefer to work on an interim basis in place of permanent employment. They tend to be proactive, not afraid to roll up their sleeves, and will take charge of a project. These candidates are proven leaders with the demonstrated finance skills necessary for almost any situation.

Here are some more tips to consider when hiring a Finance Interim:

4. Look Back

You need evidence that the Interim has achieved results elsewhere. Their willingness to share previous successes and failures with you not only makes a statement about their competence, but also informs you about the importance they place on measures of success and delivering results rather than simply working through a process.

5. Are They Right For You?

Only when you are satisfied that the Interim meets all your needs should you start thinking about your relationship with them. Doing this any earlier can cloud your judgment. A good way for you to test their fit is to consider how comfortable you would feel about this person sitting alongside you in an important meeting. Your answer will give an accurate intuitive measure of how you feel about the working relationship.

6. A Good Fit

New faces around your office can make people feel uneasy (even when people are working remotely). Ensure that your team is clear about what the Interim is doing and if necessary, how this affects them. There could be occasions when complete and open communication might not be appropriate, but you should always consider the impact an outsider will have on morale.

Allow the Finance Interim to thoroughly explore your organizational culture and the team they will work with to ensure that they can make an informed decision about committing to you.

Remember: not every Finance Interim would be a good match for your organization. It’s recommended to work closely with an executive search firm experienced in Interim Hiring. We can help you find the right fit. Call us at 519-673-3463 or 416-847-0036, or email Paul, Brent, Troy, or Tara.

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