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Do you REALLY need a Search Firm?

You’ve got a senior role to fill – perhaps someone in your organization is retiring, or moving on to a new role. Now you have a choice: do you hire a search firm or go it alone?

There are two situations in which it may be better to do it yourself:

1. You already have the perfect candidate.

If you have the perfect person in your company already, GREAT! If you can promote from within, you’ll save time, money, and demonstrate a clear path to success in your organization. That can create a sense of optimism for all.

2. You know of a perfect candidate outside your organization.

This one’s tricky, and you may need to be very careful. If the search is confidential, or there’s any reason you should stay at arm’s length from a candidate, reaching out directly could have unpleasant, or at least unintended, consequences.

If neither of these situations applies, it may be wise to hire an Executive Search Firm. Check in next week when we’ll talk about what to consider when evaluating a Search Firm.

If you’re ready to hire a senior finance or C-Suite leader, or just need help with your talent acquisition strategy, get in touch to arrange a quick chat. Email Paul, Brent, Troy, or Tara, or give us a call at 519-673-3463 or 416-847-0036.

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