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Boost Results Through Learning

As we’ve discussed previously, focusing on employee satisfaction has benefits beyond hiring and retention. Workplace engagement and satisfaction are linked with better productivity, too. Employees who are given the opportunity to expand their skill sets are more likely to feel happy, productive, and stay with their organizations for the long term. Employees want clear paths to enrichment and advancement, but it’s one of the first things to suffer when there are multiple demands on their time. According to LinkedIn, there are two types of learning at work:

Dedicated learning time: specifically set aside for learning. It usually involves a virtual, hybrid, or in-person training.

Learning in the flow of work: a term coined by industry analyst Josh Bersin to describe learning opportunities that are integrated into the workday. It could include a stretch assignment, microlearning to figure out a skill quickly, or turning to a search engine to understand a business term.

If you want to make it easier for your employees to incorporate learning into their work, here are some tips:

Make it part of the company culture: Ensure managers are on board, and ensure that everyone, at every level, has access to, and time for learning.

Make time for it: Block out time on calendars, limit interruptions, and eliminate (or shorten) meetings.

Learn as a group: This can mean attending a conference together, or an asynchronous webinar, and discussing it later. LinkedIn’s research shows that 84% of L&D professionals believe that community-based learning improves engagement and 94% believe that when teams learn together, they are more successful.

Aside from feeling good about making sure employees are feeling fulfilled and like they have a worthy purpose, it’s a wise investment from a business perspective as well.

If you need help shaping your talent acquisition or retention strategy, get in touch to arrange a quick chat. Email Paul, Brent, Troy, or Tara, or give us a call at 519-673-3463 or 416-847-0036.

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