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Strategies To Improve the Interview Process

Talent Acquisition Specialists know how important the interview process is; it’s the main tool you and your potential hire can use to determine whether or not there’s a good fit. As a hiring manager, you know that interviews are a window to the potential working relationship. If they don't go well, you’ve potentially wasted everyone’s time, and even done harm to your company's reputation.

At LinkedIn’s recent Talent Connect conference, Teddy Chestnut of Brighthire shared insights from his research, and shared that talent acquisition specialists named getting potential hires through the interview process as their number one concern – above finding candidates or getting them to accept offers.

Let’s look at some of the ways to improve the interview process:

1. Cover Key Information From The Get-Go

In the screening stage, discuss compensation and work location. If either of these issues turn out to be a mismatch for your candidate, both parties can move on and skip the rest of the process.

2. Remember Basic Interview Etiquette

When it comes to formal interviews, have an agenda, start the interview on time, and leave time for questions.

3. Be Prepared to Answer Common Questions

Currently, candidates are interested in:

  • Hybrid Work: If your organization has a hybrid work policy, what does that look like in practice? How likely is the policy to change?

  • AI: How is your company using it, or planning to use it, and what does that mean for the role?

  • Challenges: What potential hurdles are facing the company, and is it in good shape to meet them?

4. Keep The Number of Interview Rounds Reasonable

Beyond 3 or 4 rounds of interviews, there are diminishing returns. Scheduling can become complicated, and you’ll be spending more time to complete each round, multiplied by the number of candidates. What’s more, as the interview process gets longer and more onerous, there are increased chances of candidates dropping out or accepting an offer from another company. Try to get the information you need in as few interview sessions as possible!

These strategies can contribute to a more effective, and efficient, hiring process. If you need help in improving your talent strategy or you’re ready to hire in a C-Suite or Senior Finance role, get in touch with us! Email Paul, Brent, Troy, or Tara, or give us a call at 519-673-3463 or 416-847-0036.

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