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Looking Back on 2021

Despite the challenges all of us have faced over the past couple of years, we are thankful that 2021 was another exciting year for Verriez Executive Search. We have succeeded in partnering with many outstanding clients, helping them to build their senior finance and C-Suite teams.

The need for top-flight C-Suite and senior financial executives has accelerated; making it more challenging for our clients to recruit outstanding candidates. The global war for talent is here.

Companies must realize the market is decidedly candidate-driven, especially with CFOs and other quality senior financial executives being in high demand. Hiring the right fit is critical--candidates are being more selective and companies are going that extra step to retain those who attempt to resign.

As the landscape changes for our clients, it does with our own company as well!

We expanded our firm in September with the addition of Troy Verriez as Vice-President, who has over 15 years of experience in Sales and Strategic Partnerships.

He brings a unique approach and understanding in the recruitment process, having brokered many strategic relationships over the years of working with senior executives in SaaS, Media, Education, and Learning companies. Prior to joining Verriez, Troy spent 5 years working at Pearson Canada in the role of Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships. At Pearson, he was able to gain valuable experience negotiating many projects and partnerships with Higher Education Institutions across Canada, including the Public, Private, and Professional sectors. Troy was an integral part of growing and managing one of the top revenue-driving divisions to over 100% growth. He is a welcome addition to the team, and we look forward to more of our clients being able to meet him in person.

It is an honour to work with an exceptional client base that we have built since 1985, guiding them through their most challenging searches.

We’ll always have the passion to continue to be successful —we love what we do!

We hope that 2021 brought you success, and wish you all the best in 2022.

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