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Improving Employee Experience

This week we’ll close out our look at the findings from the EY 2022 Work Reimagined Survey*. The pandemic has hastened shifts in mindset and expectations of our work life, with many people adjusting their priorities.

The ability to work remotely is important for a large number of people, and opportunities for fully remote or hybrid roles are more appealing, as we’ve seen with many of our candidates.

In the EY survey, a majority of respondents said they would like the opportunity to work remotely 3 days a week. Additionally, they agreed with the statement that their companies “need to enhance digital tools for the workforce”. Companies should be intentional and thoughtful about designing a hybrid strategy, so that teams who need to collaborate are on-site at the same time, and people aren’t commuting to the office just to sit alone in online meetings. Making sure that the on-site and remote working conditions make personnel feel valued and productive will enhance the employee experience.

To sum up our 3-part examination of the EY report, let's look at its conclusion:

“Work has been reimagined by employees and employers but their visions don’t always align. Both see flexibility and hybrid work as the new normal, though further details reveal divisions. Employees are still willing to leave their jobs to advance their career and pay potential. Global uncertainty connected to inflation and labor costs are fueling reluctance among employers who are not eager to reset pay and career opportunities. If companies don’t address pay equity between internal and external labor markets, then efforts toward improving culture, productivity and DE&I will be neutralized by turnover. By acting with intentionality, leaders can build trust and orient their organizations toward an optimistic future.”

If you’re thinking about updating your talent strategy for the current landscape, get in touch with Paul, Brent, Troy, or Tara, or give us a call at 519-673-3463 or 416-847-0036.

*The report contains information valuable for both companies looking to hire, and people exploring the job market. The survey “reveals insights from more than 17,000 employees and 1,575 employers across 22 countries and 26 industries. The findings explore chief motivators of workforce turnover or retention and highlight areas of focus for leaders.”

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