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Hire the Right Candidate by Tapping Into EQ

Updated: May 27, 2022

The current market for senior financial leaders and C-Suite executives is more competitive than ever; strong talent is in demand across every industry, and like it or not, emotions play a big part in the decision to accept an offer.

According to a recent report, “those who invest in understanding a candidate’s motivations and incorporate emotional intelligence (EQ) into their recruitment process gain a distinct advantage in securing top talent…The equation is simple: people connect with people and want to be understood and valued. Too many companies lose sight of the fact that the changes and transitions involved in recruitments are emotional matters…A new employer, new teams, and sometimes a new location all heavily influence not only candidates, but also their families. Those who change employers have high expectations from the new company. They may feel reluctant to move from a role where they may be comfortable, performing well, and have strong sponsorship. They want to hear from HR, the hiring managers, and the board of directors that they are wanted, needed, and that the contributions they will make will be critical to the overall success of the company.”

As with most hurdles, the solution comes down to communication. Keep dialogue open with candidates during the entire recruitment process, especially during any delays. Your chosen candidate will feel confident in their decision if they feel welcomed and like a part of a team from the start.

We have experience in making that emotional connection in hiring. If you need help with your talent strategy, we’re here: Paul, Brent, Troy and Tara, or call us at 519-673-3463.

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