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Benefits of Building A More Inclusive Company Culture

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During Pride Month, many companies publicly support LGBTQ+ employees, showcasing their commitment to diversity. However, LinkedIn's recent survey uncovers a significant gap between these supportive gestures and the everyday experiences of LGBTQ+ workers.

The LinkedIn survey reveals that 71% of LGBTQ+ professionals feel they’ve been overlooked for promotions or raises when not code-switching—adapting their behaviour, expression and appearance to avoid discrimination. This practice is both incredibly exhausting and detrimental to mental health.

Half of LGBTQ+ professionals maintain separate personal and professional social media profiles to avoid negative repercussions at work. Some would argue that gender and sexuality should not be a part of the workplace at all, but we all signal these aspects of ourselves frequently – even if it’s just a photo of your spouse on your desk or chatting about weekend plans. Being forced to hide basic traits can cause significant distress. Conversely, being able to be authentic at work enhances relationships and overall job satisfaction.

To support LGBTQ+ employees, companies should clearly state their principles and ensure their policies promote inclusion and belonging. Strong anti-discrimination guidelines, safe reporting mechanisms, and creating safe spaces, including through remote work, are basic steps toward a more inclusive culture.

Allyship is also important, and education is an effective tool in building good workplace allies. While more than half of LGBTQ+ employees have allies at work, many still wish their companies did more to support them. By providing resources and encouraging self-education organizations can help non-LGBTQ+ employees become better allies to their colleagues.

Ultimately, creating an inclusive culture not only ensures that no one feels marginalized for their identity, but it actually improves recruitment and retention. By facing these challenges and taking actionable steps, companies can create genuinely inclusive environments where all employees can thrive.

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