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A Shift In Talent Strategy

In a recent discussion led by Anthony Harling, CEO at Harlschon, the expert panel looked at ways in which hiring strategy and the relationships between search firms and their clients are changing. “Beyond the health crisis it created, COVID-19 in many ways changed the world. In business and our work lives, the pandemic sparked and accelerated shifts that had already been stirring, driving them to the forefront, from the rise of technology and remote work to a greater emphasis on work-life balance…Executive search firms have been key partners in helping companies address the shift in how they hire talent, both in identifying and acting as trusted talent partners.”

New technologies have made some tasks in hiring more efficient, but the ability of a good search firm to advise clients and assess candidates are still key; tech is just a support to that expertise. As Diane McIntyre indicated, the value we bring as consultants is in our understanding of how our clients work. If we know our client’s business strategy, pain points, where the gaps are, and most importantly, what they are trying to accomplish, we can be effective in crafting a successful talent strategy.

Even as economic and societal conditions change, trust and good relationships will remain crucial. A good search firm will partner with their clients, understand what they are satisfied with and what they are worried about, and help create solutions to their challenges from a talent perspective.

If you want to partner with us to solve your talent challenges, get in touch with Paul, Brent, Troy, or Tara, or call us at 519-673-3463 or 416-847-0036.

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