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Verriez Search Services

Matching exceptional candidates with outstanding executive opportunities

At Verriez, we don't have a standard formula for executive search; we create a tailor-made approach to fulfill your particular needs and requirements. We have extensive experience in the matching of highly skilled, globally experienced candidates with exceptional employment opportunities in Canada, the US and beyond.

Verriez Executive Search

We recognize that the best executive search firms concentrate on sourcing candidates that only fit the role, but will also fit the company ethos and ambitions. However impressive they may be, qualifications alone are not enough; we look beyond the resume to discover the passion, the drive, the business instincts and the energy of each prospective candidate we put forward. Read more here...

Finance and Accounting Executive Search Services

What sets us apart at Verriez is that we don't work by industry, we work by discipline, so we can think out of the box to source exceptional finance officers and accounting executives from one industry sector to enliven, energize and revitalize another. Read more here...

USA and Mexico Executive Search

Find the experienced and adaptable talent you require to fulfill your company's potential with Verriez - see our USA and Mexico Search & Recruitment page for more details. Read more here....

Executive Coaching Support

In some scenarios, a more structured approach to coaching may be required to benefit our clients, whether employee or candidate. Any individual moving into a new executive role will have a myriad of challenges to navigate from the moment they arrive, which can be stressful for both the new employee and the employers. Numerous studies have shown that having access to confidential coaching support on a daily basis can make the essential difference between simply keeping your head above water, and actually diving in and leading from the first day. So, we partner with a leading business coaching practice to offer exemplary executive and leadership coaching services - just contact us for details.

Exit Interviews

Knowing why employees leave is the key to keeping good ones in the future. An exit interview is your chance to find out why they are leaving, and fix the problems to prevent costly and potentially demoralizing employee turnover in the future.


Bermuda has numerous financial services companies, and Verriez have built strong business relationships with numerous financial services companies, many of whom seek Canadian Chartered Accountants as well as Certified Public Accountants to work on the island. If you wish to work in Bermuda or wish to recruit to the island, give Verriez a call at 1-519-673-3463 or Toronto office 1-416-847-0036.