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Verriez: Client Reviews

The proof of our performance is in the satisfaction of both the companies we represent and the candidates we place. That's why, so often, executives that we have placed then turn to us for their own search requirements. They appreciate what we've done for their organization, and they appreciate how we do it.

As a result, we retain over 75% of our clients, and in turn they are happy to provide excellent testimonials such as these!


Hajoca is a private multi- million dollar company based in Pennsylvania in the US and owns 100% of Emco distribution in London, ON Canada.

Emco has 250 locations in Canada and Hajoca has over 350 locations in the US; they are distributors of Faucets, Wash basins and Toilet bowls for the building supply industry.

I have been the Chief Financial Officer of Hajoca for 17years and Emco for 11 years.

I did have some reservations about working with Verriez; it was an unknown what our working relationship would be like as we had never worked with each other before.

They delivered candidates that were absolutely on point; they knew exactly what the role was. The process moved very quickly and very effectively. I would certainly recommend The Verriez Group Inc to other companies.

Chris Pappo, VP Finance & Administration/CFO
Hajoca Corporation
127 Coulter Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003


McCormick is a global manufacturer of spices and the Canadian Head Office is in London, Ontario. There is a plant in the UK as well as others around the world.

I have been the President & CEO of McCormick Canada since 2004.

I did have some reservations about working not just with Verriez but the same concerns with any search firm—would they perform to our standards and time frame? We were in need of a new Chief Financial Officer.

Without doubt we were very pleased with the service they provided; the process was smooth and they delivered what they said they would.

I would definitely recommend The Verriez Group Inc. to other companies.

Keith Gibbons, BA, CPA-CA, President & CEO
McCormick Canada
600 Clarke Rd
London, ON N5V 3K5

Highline Mushroom

Highline Mushrooms is the largest operator in the Canadian mushroom industry with the head office based in Leamington, Ontario. Highline has 750 employees in Leamington and Kingsville in Essex County. They recently acquired All Seasons Mushrooms located in Vancouver, BC. Highline’s nine locations total about 1,400 employees across Canada.

I have been at Highline as Chief Financial Officer for 2.5 years. Before the search, my reservations were not necessarily with Verriez, but with any search firm regarding their value proposition, especially when spending a hefty fee on a retained search assignment.

Our internal recruiting capabilities are limited and I was not sure if they could deliver in the time frame that we needed and wondered if they had the best network. Were they able to answer the questions we needed to make a decision? Other concerns were making sure they really understood what we were looking for regarding functional fit and personality and behavioral fit. We wanted a firm that would protect our time and bring results.

The main benefit was that it was a real turnkey situation, we had our meetings with Verriez and they were able to deliver without a lot of time from me, which was really important.

Verriez presented us with the right candidates that fitted our requirements without spending too much time.
I would definitely recommend Verriez to other companies that want a quality search completed on time.

Aaron Hamer
Chief Financial Officer
Highline Mushrooms
506 Mersea Road 5
Leamington, ON

Versa Bank

Versa Bank began operating in 1980 as Pacific & Western Trust Corporation; it later evolved through strategic changes to become a Schedule I chartered bank and has grown its assets significantly from an initial vision for a new kind of financial institution. Versa Bank’s vision was to make full use of emerging technologies to transform its original small size, traditionally a handicap in the banking industry, into an advantage through enhanced operating efficiencies. We built a "branchless" bank, investing capital in highly-skilled, experienced people, and in advanced computing technologies, rather than in bricks and mortar.

I have been the President & CEO of Versa Bank, formerly Pacific & Western Bank located in London, ON and Saskatoon SK since 1993.

We were a bit uncertain at first, as we did not know Verriez, plus we had the normal reservations about dealing with any outside party. We did not know their reputation, their competence and if they could select the right candidate for us.

The main benefit for us was the savings on time and effort. They found suitable candidates by prescreening so we did not have to go to the market ourselves and waste a lot of time interviewing individuals that would not be appropriate.

Pre-qualifying is value added; they do a much better job that we can do. We are generalists in hiring but they are specialists; they do it every day. A majority of the people they placed are still with us today and doing very well.

I would absolutely recommend Verriez to other companies.

David Taylor, President and CEO
Versa Bank
140 Fullarton St. Suite 2002
London, ON
N6A 5P2
950-410 22nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 5T6


S&R is a fully integrated real estate company involved in the ownership, management and development of commercial, multi-residential, seniors living properties and long term care homes. Excellence in quality control and managing the bottom line has been our strength for more than five decades.

The S&R Group has concentrated on acquiring, developing and managing real estate in market niches throughout Southwestern Ontario. Our operations are focused on:

  • Management and ownership of commercial, seniors living & multi-residential revenue properties
  • Development, ownership and management of multi-residential, seniors living and long term care homes
  • Local and regional third party real estate management and investment advisory services
  • Construction services and land development

Combining both the corporate owned assets and our managed portfolio, S&R manages over 50 mixed-use properties. Our portfolio includes approximately 3.5 million square feet of commercial, multi-residential, seniors living and long term care properties. In addition to property management services, S&R Management Services also provides construction management, facility management services, land development services and feasibility studies.

With over 1700 employees and experience managing four different unions throughout Southwestern Ontario, we own and manage real estate in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Chatham, Sarnia and the Greater Toronto Area. In addition, since 1963, our construction group has constructed 125 buildings throughout Southwestern Ontario; with a diverse project mix of commercial, seniors living, multi-residential and long term care homes.

I have been the CEO for the past 17 years.

I didn’t really have any reservations about using Verriez as I had retained them many years ago at my last company. We had worked together then and had very good results with a number of search assignments.

The main benefit was their thorough candidate screening as timing and quality is everything. Verriez has recently completely a senior finance search and we are extremely pleased with their process and the end result.

Absolutely I would not hesitate in recommending them to any other company.

John Scotland
Chief Executive Officer
Steeves & Rozema
Suite 200 - 265 North Front St.
Sarnia, Ontario

Gentherm (Texas) Inc

Gentherm (Texas) Inc is a leader in thermal technology; we design, develop, and manufacture heating, cooling, and ventilating devices for diverse global markets. We expect that our proprietary thermal technologies will be used to create the next generation of thermal comfort and energy efficient products.

Gentherm Inc is recognized by our largest automotive industry customers as a dependable and outstanding supplier of heated seating, climate seating, electronics, and cables. We successfully incorporate lean processes on a global scale, enabling us to provide value now and continual improvement for the future.

We have locations in 11 countries, and have more than 5,000 employees worldwide. Gentherm’s development, production, and customer service locations are within close proximity to customers so that we can offer an exceptional experience.
There are currently two manufacturing plants in Acuna Mexico plus a warehouse in Del Rio Texas and a planned third plant at another location in Mexico with construction to start in 2015.

There are approximately 2600 employees total, including 60 in the US. I have been the General Manager for Gentherm /WET for 15 years. I did have reservations about working with Verriez as I did not know Paul and was not aware of them as a company until one of my peers, a GM in Canada, mentioned them.

I was also concerned that they were in Canada and we were in South Texas and Mexico. I did not think they could be effective here, and a Canadian company trying to find quality people here would be a challenge.

The main benefit was they were very focused on our needs and fulfilled 100% of our requirements. They did their homework and knew what the scope was, what was required, what the task was and what our needs were to fill this critical position. They also analyzed the specs well as was obvious in their qualifying and screening of the candidates. They were right on with the selection of the shortlisted candidates which was great.

Paul was easy to work with and he listened well to what our needs were. Absolutely I would definitely recommend The Verriez Group Inc to other companies.

Klaus Wilhelm, General Manager, Gentherm Inc.
2121 /B Frontera Rd. Del Rio, TX 78840 USA

Looking for a new executive search partner? Call Verriez at our London office 1-519-673-3463 or our Toronto office 1-416-847-0036

The proof of our performance is in the satisfaction of both the companies we represent and the candidates we place. That's why, so often, executives that we have placed then turn to us for their own search requirements. They appreciate what we've done for their organization, and they appreciate how we do it.

As a result, we retain over 75% of our clients, and in turn they are happy to provide excellent testimonials such as these!

Cathy J.E. Hoffman, MPA, CHRP, Director, Human Resources & Organizational Development| Corporate Services | Municipality of Chatham-Kent

We found working with Paul Verriez and his team a critical ingredient in landing our new Chief Financial Officer.  The Verriez Group were diligent in their search, thorough in their reporting back and presented quality candidates.  We’re thrilled to have a candidate that that fit in before he even arrived here.  Thanks Paul and Tara for your attention to detail and customer service.

K. Wilhelm. General Manager - HeWe LLC/W.E.T Automotive Systems Acuna, Mexico

This letter is a follow up for the executive search and recruitment for an Operations Manager at HeWe LLC located in Acuna, Mexico, conducted by Paul M Verriez, President of Verriez /Waterhouse Executive Search Partners. We contacted Mr. Verriez late in 2012 for this search and were quite impressed with his knowledge of Twin Plant operation on the Texas/ Mexican border. After several discussions and profile assessment for this position and candidate, Paul was able, within a very short time, to present a total of 4 candidates with a variety of expertise. The very professional process collecting candidates’ information, resumes and cultural experience for our twin plant operation was done in a very efficient way. Paul flew down from Canada to meet with us all and conduct a plant tour, then after flew down again to interview with all candidates and assured that candidates were prepared for the interview by discussing the position in detail. Soon after the first round of interviews a second round with fewer candidates followed and we finally decided on one which we felt was the best fit. Now after 4 months it has turned out that the candidate selected was exactly what we hoped for. We are very happy and pleased with the services Mr. Verriez provided, and will definitely engage him in the future.

Sarah Hobbs Executive Director- Planned Parenthood Toronto.

‘When we decided to  search for a Director of Community Health Services we were referred to Verriez; we had heard good things about their practice.

We found them to be very professional in their approach: they provided very good timelines  and presented us with an excellent short list of candidates.  We chose to hire a candidate who has excellent experience and is  a great fit for our team.

We were very pleased that Verriez was able to handle the overall search process, saving us time and allowing us to continue what we do best.

I would definitely recommend Verriez/Waterhouse Executive Search Partners’

Dr Ken Milne. Former President & CEO, Salus Global Corporation, London, ON

"The Verriez Group have years of experience, are professional in all they do. Working with you they will learn about your organization and tailor your recruitment needs to assist you to successfully hire for long-term success

Jonathan Taylor, Senior VP Human Resources & Operations, Pacific & Western Bank of Canada

"We are very pleased with the professional search services provided by Paul, his staff, and associates over the past year. It’s very important that the professional search firms with whom we work have a through understanding of Pacific & Western Bank’s tech savvy, entrepreneurial culture and fast paced environment. Paul and his associates have taken the time to get to know what makes Pacific & Western tick and he and his team have been successful in identifying well qualified candidates who meet our demanding requirements. We are also pleased that Paul and his associates have been able to fill key positions for our Bank in Ottawa and Saskatoon as well as London, Ontario. We look forward to working with Paul and his team on the next search assignment."

Jim Hogan, President and CEO, Chatham - Entegrus.

"Paul, I want to thank you for the professional services you and your associates provided Chatham-Kent Energy Inc. in our search for a Chief Financial and Regulatory Officer.

Chatham-Kent Energy Inc. first used the services of your firm in 2001 when they hired me to fill the Chief Financial and Regulatory Officer position. That assignment worked very well for me and Chatham-Kent Energy, as I have been recently been promoted to President and Chief Financial Officer.

In providing services for finding my replacement you and your associates were very professional, kept me informed of the progress during the search and were able to meet our unique requests. The candidates that were presented for interviews were very strong and each had different strengths that would fit in our organization.

Something that I was really impressed with was the fact you were able to provide candidates that not only met our professional requirements but each one was a good fit for our culture. You and your associates were able to see beyond the basic requirements of filling this senior role. We look forward to working with you and your associates in future."

Rick Jankura, Former Senior VP and CFO Discovery Air Inc.

"The Verriez Group significantly reduced our time to hire and produced an exceptional list of candidates for us to consider and interview. While our objective was to fill a single position, we made the decision to hire two of the candidates that were presented to us due to their exceptional fit. Key to the success in this engagement was the time they spent up front to understand our business and need, and then use this knowledge to proficiently market their network of potential candidates."

Looking for a new executive search partner? Call Verriez at our London office 1-519-673-3463 or our Toronto office 1-416-847-0036