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Verriez: Client Reviews

The proof of our performance is in the satisfaction of both the companies we represent and the candidates we place. That's why, so often, executives that we have placed then turn to us for their own search requirements. They appreciate what we've done for their organization, and they appreciate how we do it.

As a result, we retain over 75% of our clients, and in turn they are happy to provide excellent testimonials such as these!



StarTech.com Ltd. is a global manufacturer of hard-to-find parts and accessories that connect and enhance business technology. We make it easy for IT professionals around the globe to identify, find, get and use the parts they need to enable their business solutions.  Our channel partners, proprietary web resources, and friendly, professional and responsive employees ensure the IT professional gets the product they need.

Startech.com is a privately-owned company with its Corporate Office in London, Ontario, Canada. They operate in 16 countries worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, the UK and APAC with over 400 employees, and they will continue to expand their global footprint in the years to come.

What’s more, StarTech.com has been recognized as a “50 Best Managed Company” in Canada, one of Canada’s “50 Best Small & Medium Employers”, one of the top 500 fastest growing Canadian companies on the Profit 500 list and has been an honoree on the INC 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States for nine years.  StarTech.com has grown globally with double-digit year-over-year growth from $45M in 2011 to its current revenue of over $200M.

Social Proof statement from Rodney Burke, Vice President, Global Finance:

I have been the VP, Global Finance at Startech.com for 4 years now.  As a company, we have a lot of experience using external firms for our hiring needs so our reservations about using Verriez were not specific to them, but rather around the cost vs. value per hire.  We had not used Verriez in the past but as we did already have some good relationships between both parties and knew of their reputation, we had a high level of confidence in their team.  While we are comfortable using an external firm, we do pay close attention to our average cost per hire and ensure when engaging someone like Verriez that we’re going to get better candidates in a shorter timeframe than our internal recruiting team.

The main benefit of using Verriez was their personal touch and their close management of the search.  We were always kept up to date and it was easy to communicate with them throughout the search.  The quality of candidates presented was higher than we typically see through our other sources as well.  The timeliness of the search completion was a priority for us as the vacancy was putting a strain on my team and Verriez came through as planned.

I would recommend Verriez to other companies looking to hire strong senior finance candidates.


Thompsons is a supplier of value-added agricultural products that include seed, grains, white pea beans, edible beans, popcorn, and dry pack grocery products. Thompsons also retail fertilizer and crop protectants, and offer a number of customized farm related services associated with the growing of agricultural crops. Thompsons process and package food grade products, and ship grain and edible beans to domestic and global markets. Located in some of the richest farmland in the world, Thompsons have built an international reputation for providing top quality products and food type grains.

Thompsons’ Head Office is located in Blenheim, Ontario. The company owns and operates 12 modern elevators, 2 seed processing plants and 5 bean processing plants. Expanding into the United States, Thompsons owns a state-of-the-art dry bean processing facility in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Social Proof statement from Dave Wellington, CFO:

I have been employed at Thompsons in a senior finance capacity for 14 years and have currently occupied the Chief Financial Officer role for the last 16 months.

Our HR Manager did have some concerns about using a retained search firm as in the past she had only used contingency firms and most of our hiring has been through our internal team. My team had some reservations about using a retained search firm as the fees were higher than what we have typically seen in past engagements (albeit they were with contingency firms for more junior roles and not as specialized).  In addition, we were also concerned with how the process would work with internal candidates being considered for the role.

The main benefit of using Verriez was that they were a boutique firm with a special focus on senior finance roles which enabled a far and wide reach with applicable candidates, especially since they are in the know of candidates that are not actively looking.  We are in somewhat of a remote location and were hoping to find someone locally – we ended up hiring someone who lived down the street from our office that we did not know about!

I would definitely recommend Verriez to other companies.

Ironbridge is a Toronto-based private equity firm with more than $400 million of assets under management focused exclusively on investing in companies in the Canadian lower middle-market. We focus on traditional industry businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, consumer products and services, and business products and services spaces. We recognize that growing mid-sized companies requires far more than money: we leverage our operating skills, diverse industry experiences and extensive network to drive value and accelerate growth in our portfolio companies. The Ironbridge team has extensive financial and operating experience and works closely with the management teams of its portfolio companies to enhance value.  While this portfolio company had a strong management team already in place, a seasoned CFO was needed to move the company forward with their growth plans and to create a reporting structure to meet the needs of a new private equity partner.

AV Gauge is considered a leading supplier of gauges & fixtures in North America with facilities across Canada, United States & Mexico, including our head office in Oldcastle, Canada.  The company designs and manufactures checking fixtures for the stamping, plastics, and machining applications. It offers prototype, CMM holding, SPC, attribute, assembly, correlation, multi-version, and shake and rattle fixtures; environmental, aerospace, automated, lamp assembly, light tunnel, variable, off line, and test fixtures; and sub-assembly fixtures. The company also provides welding/grinding/drilling jigs, work stations, and body stands; modular, go/no-go, process, SPC hand, flatness, and true position gauges; and hand applies, photometers, simulations, master parts, and custom tooling products.

Social Proof statement from Peter Samson, Managing Director at Ironbridge and Chair of the Board at A.V. Gauge & Fixture:

I have been a Managing Director at Ironbridge Equity Partners for 8 years now.  As a private equity investor, our firm regularly engages with search firms when our portfolio companies have a senior hiring need.  We have typically used a “big” firm out of Toronto for searches similar to this one but they were referred to us through our professional network.  We had reservations about how well Verriez knew the market and the automotive sector and whether or not they had a strong enough understanding of private equity in order to effectively pitch the opportunity to potential candidates.

The main benefit of using Verriez was their strong knowledge of both the market and sector as well as their far and wide reach to potential candidates.  Verriez were very easy to work with compared to a big firm out of Toronto and their process worked well for our search. They were also able to provide valuable feedback on compensation and benefits as this was a market that was new to our portfolio.  The quality of candidates presented was very high and the search was completed in a relatively swift manner which meant we did not have to use our firm’s in-house resources within A.V. Gauge.  The selected candidate has been a fantastic addition to the AV Gauge team.

I would definitely recommend Verriez to other companies looking for senior finance talent.

KGK Science integrates scientific, clinical research, commercial, and regulatory expertise to deliver well-designedsolutions for propelling health and wellness products to market.

For nearly two decades, as a leading contract research organization specializing in human clinical trials for the health and nutrition industry, KGK has applied the highest quality standards to study and support the claims substantiation of dietary supplements and a variety of natural OTC products, functional foods & beverages, bio actives, cosmetics, and other wellness products.  Our experienced team ensures a consistent and qualified clinical study and consists of medical doctors, study nurses, study coordinators, recruitment staff, and external medical consultants. KGK Clinical Trial Centers are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of consumers by researching novel compounds that may have important health benefits.

Since pioneering the market in 1997, KGK has helped to advise and define the clinical research and regulatory industry within Canada and the United States. As the regulatory environment has become more stringent, the demand for clinical research and regulatory support offers a vast opportunity for KGK.

Social Proof statement from Wei Lin, Chief Operating Officer:

I have been the Chief Operating Officer at KGK Science for nearly 10 months now as a result of an acquisition in 2017.

We initially hadsome reservations about working with a retained search firm such as Verriez as we were not sure of the quality of candidates they would be able to present without advertising in the open market.  We have had experience with recruitment firms in the past and the results were hit or miss, so we were not sure of Verriez’sability.

The benefit of using Verriez was their strong network and close contact throughout the search.  It was a well-managed search and we were always kept up to date during the differentphases of the search.  As they were always on top of things, the surprises were minimized and there was a quick turnaround on getting a solid candidate in the role in a reasonable timeframe.

I would recommend Verriez to other companies looking for strong senior financial candidates.