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Verriez: Candidate Reviews

Candidate satisfaction is crucial to a successful placement for Verriez, as in the end it's all about the right people in the right roles. We take exceptional care to ensure the right 'fit' and we're delighted that as a result executives that we have placed then contact us for their own search requirements.

Here is just a small selection of candidate reviews of our services and style of executive search.

Rupert Saunders, Chief Financial Officer, AV Gauge & Fixture Inc.

I would not have been in this exciting new role if it was not for Paul, Brent and the rest of the Verriez team. They not only did an outstanding job matching my skill set and values with that of this great company, but went out of their way to meet me after hours, arranged the interviews at convenient times and provided valuable insight during the final negotiations. Brent's background as a CPA was very helpful since it allowed him full insight into my technical and practical experience and the challenge to achieve an acceptable work-life balance.

Paul's follow-up since I started gave me opportunities to discuss concerns with him and his insight has been very valuable. I definitely recommend the Verriez Executive Search group to all employers and candidates based on my experience.

Mike Turner, CFO & Treasurer Municipality of Chatham - Kent

"Thanks to Paul and the Verriez team, who provided a great deal of support and communication throughout the entire placement process. I really appreciated their efforts to ensure that this was an appropriate fit for me both personally and professionally, while also working closely and discreetly with both my new and former employers during the process. It certainly was a big help during the decision making and transition."

Andrew Johnston CA, Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer, McCormick Canada

"Paul and the Verriez team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and diligence throughout the placement process.  I particularly appreciated the significant effort invested to ensure an appropriate fit for both myself and my current employer.  Paul and the team's support ultimately led to a great career opportunity with a great company."

Clare Hacksel,  Director Community Health Services, Planned Parenthood Toronto

"I want to thank Paul and his team for all of their support through my placement in my new position. The team was incredibly well organized which made the overwhelming process of interviewing much more comfortable and focused. Paul was at once incredibly professional and yet casual and friendly which made the entire process go off without a hitch. Paul looked beyond experience and really valued candidate-organizational fit as a precursor to success. I’m so happy in my new position and I can’t wait to spend many years here. Thanks!"

Juan Guevara, Operations Manager, HeWe, Acuna, Mexico.

"Paul and his team helped me to get a new position with higher responsibilities, Paul was extremely helpful and his knowledge about the Company position and needs was critical, his recommendations were very instrumental. Even after I started with the new company Paul followed up about my startup and performance, his feedback was very valuable to make a smoother transition."

Amy Butler, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Farm Mutual Re Canada

"I would like to acknowledge Paul, Brent and the entire Verriez team for the professionalism and diligence they exhibited throughout the placement process. I felt that the Verriez group was genuinely concerned about ensuring the right fit for me and the employer and not simply trying to fill the role. They took the time to understand both my professional skills and goals as well as my personal responsibilities.

I appreciated that the placement process didn’t stop once the contract was signed. There is consistent follow-up to allow additional discussion about the role and to share insights or concerns.

Based on my experience, I have already recommended the Verriez Executive Search group to a candidate looking for a team that will go above and beyond to find the appropriate fit for both the candidate and the employer."

Chris Cowell, President - Entegrus Services / Chief Financial and Relegatory Officer - Entegrus

"I cannot overstate the value of Verriez to my job search. They provided two of the most critical elements: an extensive network of prospective employers, and feedback throughout the process to help polish my interview skills and secure a job offer. It's obvious why Verriez has had over three decades of success: they create long term relationships by providing exceptional value to both prospective employers and job hunters."

Fred Vanderheide, Chief Financial Officer Steeves and Rozema Group, Sarnia, Ontario

"Getting to know Paul and his team was a great experience. They were all very dedicated and customer service oriented. His method of dealing with me was impressive, keeping me informed on a regular basis as to the application and decision making process. Thanks to Paul and his team for your friendly and dedicated approach which led to this great position with my present employer."

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