USA and Mexico International Search Services from Verriez

The traditional flow of executive talent between the United States and Canada has provided a wealth of experience for companies on both sides of the border. However, successful international searches rely on an in-depth understanding of the cultural and working practices between countries, nationalities and even states and provinces.

At Verriez, we have over 30 years experience of executive placements for US and Canadian companies, working both sides of the border. We take time to understand the cultural differences of site locations, and differences in business techniques, functions and even terminology to ensure the correct candidate fit for every international role.

We also take considerable care to interview each potential candidate in depth ourselves prior to short list selection, to ensure they too are prepared for the changes and challenges they would face in the role from day one.

Executive Search in Mexico

We apply the same principles we use for USA searches to all our successful executive searches for Mexico-based companies and industries. We take particular care in advising candidates of the cultural and economic climates in Mexico, so only those fully prepared and experienced are sent for consideration to the client.

Equally, we have conducted high level executive searches for Canadian clients with Maquiladora operations located in Mexico. Verriez has built a thorough understanding of the pressures on executives involved in administering and managing complex international logistics and multiple international sites.