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LGBTQ2+ and Talent Strategy

According to a recent report by Pride At Work Canada, “Hiring Across All Spectrums”, employers are improving and broadening their LGBTQ+ hiring policies and practices, though there is still work to be done.

“Employers want to put their best foot forward when it comes to recruiting the best talent. This is why an increasing number of organizations invest in recruitment teams that are diversity savvy and can build dynamic talent acquisition strategies. Hiring managers and recruiters are often a prospective employee’s first glimpse into an organization’s culture. These people are therefore important representatives, and should ultimately be accurately presenting your organization’s values and culture. These important gatekeepers can be well-intentioned but still bring their own biases”.

The report outlines important questions to think about when updating recruiting policies and procedures, including the following:

  • Does your organization keep hiring managers up to date on LGBTQ2+ relevant policies?

  • Does your organization see involvement in LGBTQ2+ initiatives as a positive thing?

  • Are hiring managers aware of how to interact with all prospective employees in a positive way with regard to communication?

  • Does the external recruiting agency or team actively use LGBTQ2+ inclusive policies in their environment?

The LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion Index surveys over 30 Canadian employers annually and looks at trends in education, policy, and employee satisfaction. To read the full report, please visit

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