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Break This Interview Habit!

As hiring processes evolve and organizations strive to unearth the most authentic and capable individuals, there is one interview habit that is absolutely not helpful, and that is entering the interview with a mindset of "Do I want to hire this person?" That's right, judging candidates during the interview is a bad idea.

Of course, in the hiring process, interviews serve as a crucial juncture where employers assess potential candidates. However, as human beings, our inclination to form judgments and assumptions can cast a shadow over the objectivity that is critical for fair and effective evaluations. As explored in a recent LinkedIn piece, the allure of quick decisions can obscure a candidate's true potential, leading to missed opportunities and reinforcing biases.

As an interviewer, why should you refrain from hasty judgments during interviews? The main reason is that you’ll hamper your ability to collect the data you need to make a good decision. The moment you begin to judge a candidate’s traits against a checklist, you’ll begin seeking information that corroborates your initial impression. Additionally, the candidate will pick up on your judgment, and they may be more guarded as a result. Instead, remember to practice active listening and be open to taking the conversation in directions you hadn’t meticulously planned. You'll yield deeper insights and may be able to make more informed decisions.

In short, during the interview try to make a connection, and gather the information you need. After the interview, reflect on what you’ve learned. Only then should you start thinking about whether you want to hire the candidate. Reserving judgement is not just a best practice, but a necessity for fostering diversity, inclusivity, and ultimately, making the most informed hiring choices.

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