Local, National and International Search


Global executive search services from Verriez Search Recruitment

Successful international recruitment relies on an in-depth understanding of the cultural and working practices between countries, nationalities and even states and provinces. With experience in recruiting at every level in a range of countries, our team can ensure your business can pick from the very best international finance talent.

Executive recruitment in the US

The traditional flow of executive talent between the United States and Canada has provided a wealth of experience for companies on both sides of the border. At Verriez, we have over 35 years experience of executive placements for US and Canadian companies, working both sides of the border.

> US recruitment: context and cultures

We take time to understand the context of your international search, such as:

  • The cultural differences at site locations
  • Differences in business techniques and functions
  • Variants in terminology

Our care and diligence ensure you achieve the correct candidate fit for your international role each and every time.

> US recruitment: expert shortlist selection

We take considerable care to interview each potential candidate in depth ourselves prior to shortlist selection. This ensures they are prepared for the changes and challenges they would face in your role and your company from day one.

Executive Search for Mexico

Struggling to find an efficient and effective executive search company for recruitment in Mexico? You’ve found us!

> Mexico recruitment: context and cultures

Verriez has many successful executive searches for Mexico-based companies and industries under our belt. We take particular care in advising candidates of the cultural and economic climates in Mexico, so only those fully prepared and experienced are sent for your consideration.

> Mexico recruitment: maquiladora executives

Our team has also conducted high level executive searches for clients with maquiladora (maquila) operations located in Mexico. Verriez has built a thorough understanding of the pressures on executives involved in administering and managing complex international logistics across the US-Mexico border. So we can quickly assess those who are both qualified and capable - and reject those who are not to avoid wasting their time, yours and ours.

Executive Search for Bermuda

Verriez has built strong business relationships with numerous financial services companies in Bermuda, many of which are eager to recruit Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants. As with all international recruitment, we ensure that every candidate is aware of the cultural and geographical challenges of working on this lovely island.

If you wish to work in Bermuda or need to recruit to the island, give us a call at 1-519-673-3463.

Local recruitment within Southwestern Ontario

Sometimes, the very best candidate can be right under our noses. We use a ripple approach when we're conducting a local search for executive talent. In many instances, we find people within that particular geographical area, and we’ve found that if you can find someone locally, the projected tenure is far greater. This approach helps save your company the expense of relocating a family, and allows your ‘new recruit’ to hit the ground running without feeling worried over accommodation, schools, social circle, etc.

Your recruitment partner for quality candidates and lasting placements

If you want a reliable, efficient and focused partner for your international recruitment requirements, call at 1-519-673-3463 or 1-416-847-0036.