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Executive Search from Verriez

The team at Verriez offers exceptional quality retained executive search services for all types of senior financial roles. Leading national and international businesses trust Verriez to source outstanding candidates for varied and challenging executive roles, and to ensure the best 'fit' possible.

So, if you need a bespoke search company that go above and beyond to fill even the most demanding of executives roles, here are seven scenarios when calling Verriez can save you time, trouble and considerable man hours.

  • When a position requires a high level of competency and leadership skills

Understanding the executive position's technical skills, competencies and leadership skills as well as the organizational culture is crucial to being able to qualifying, screen, interview and reference qualified individuals. The professionals at Verriez have the experience to mastermind the executive recruitment strategy, define the criteria for candidate selection, exercise expert judgment in selection.... and then negotiate on your behalf with favoured candidates.

  • When advertising and on-line job boards are not enough to source all of the best candidates

Responses to executive job advertisements are extraordinarily random. All responses require substantial processing time and at the end, it is still not clear whether or not you have recruited one of the best candidates in the market. In many cases, the best candidates don't apply, as they are happy with their current employer and are not actively looking to make a career move. Others don't respond to the advertisement because they are not actively looking for job opportunities, or fear a breach of confidentiality if they do apply, as they are not in control of who will see their resume! The advantages of a proactive executive search are immeasurable compared to just advertising.

  • When careful candidate screening, interviewing and referencing is paramount

Determining a short list of candidates for a senior level executive role is a complex process, involving screening and qualifying each candidate's skills, competencies and experience, as well as personality and leadership traits. With Verriez, in-depth interviews and pre-reference checks are performed before a candidate is even presented on your short-list.

  • When recruitment costs are a major factor

A Verriez proactive executive search is smart and focused with one clear goal - make sure that the very best potential candidates are tapped on the shoulder and that, as our client, you receive the best that your money or opportunity can buy.

  • When specialized skills are needed

The more senior the position you wish to fill, the more complex and specialized the skills set that is required, and the more complicated the search and recruitment process becomes. At Verriez, we have experience recruiting at most levels within organizations and can quickly appreciate the complexities of the position and recruiting process.

  • When time is of the essence

Time is money. Reducing your company's burden in recruitment time should not be underestimated, particularly in freeing up key internal resources for other important work. Executive recruitment is more difficult and much more time consuming than many people imagine. With Verriez retained search services, you have an experienced partner on board to help in "Identifying the tallest ships and then bringing them into harbour" (Gerry Roche). We take care of all screening and initial interviewing of candidates, including documented reference checks and rejection letters.