Executive Search Partners


At Verriez, we offer all our clients a highly personal and bespoke executive recruitment service. Our clear focus and boutique size makes us flexible, adaptable, and professional.

However, our boutique executive search doesn’t mean we have a limited geographical range or limited access to international talent - far from it!

Verriez is a member of International Retained Search Association (IRSA), a global organization with 31 offices throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

What is IRSA?

IRSA has the unique ability to tap into the global talent pool, with industry-savvy qualification skills. As members, this ensures Verriez can offer an exceptionally detailed international search as well as focused and targeted local search, providing clients with the best options to find the exceptional talent they require.

IRSA is a very proactive organization. We meet twice a year at conferences across the United States to exchange state of the art search knowledge, and best practices, to ensure our searches have the widest possible reach.

All this comes at no extra cost to you as our client. No wonder clients come back to us time and again, and also why so many candidates stay within a company for so long. We get the right fit the first time, so they feel right at home from day one.

For more details on our specialist recruitment services, call us or email us. We can discuss your requirements via video conference, or almost any communication channel you prefer.

London: 1-519-673-3463 - Toronto: 1-416-847-0036