Virtual Encounters of the Best Kind

November 11, 2020 – As remote work becomes more prominent in everyone’s life, it is vital that executives pay extra attention to their virtual business interactions. Without personal contact, culture
Posted on November 30, 2020

And You Are: Paul Verriez, President Verriez Group – Executive Search

Meet the changemakers, trailblazers and influencers making moves on the London business scene. “As crazy as it sounds, a lot of companies don’t really know what they want,” says Paul
Posted on November 2, 2020

LEDC 35 Year Anniversary Video Interview

We are speaking with Paul Verriez, President, Brent Verriez, Vice-President, and Tara Forster Sowa, Director of Research & Administration at Verriez, the leading boutique executive search firms in Ontario and
Posted on October 20, 2020

Bridging Social Distancing to Make Key Hires

The ripple effect of COVID-19 will forever change the way we conduct business. Virtual hiring methods are here to stay, in one form or another, and knowing how to effectively
Posted on September 29, 2020

Getting on with Hiring in the Face of a Crisis

The worldwide pandemic has served to highlight areas in which businesses need to change or improve, particularly when it comes to senior finance roles. New talent may be required, and
Posted on September 4, 2020

How Boosting Your Visibility on LinkedIn Pays Dividends

Too many business leaders make the mistake of dismissing the very idea of having a LinkedIn profile. After all, they say, they are not looking for a job. But are
Posted on August 17, 2020