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Made in Canada: How to attract and retain top talent

Marie Bountrogianni
Special to The Globe and Mail
July 19, 2017

Marie Bountrogianni is dean of the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University and a former Ontario cabinet minister.

We are living in an employer's market. New university and college graduates are in strong competition with one another as they enter the job market. Enrolment numbers at Canada's postsecondary institutions are rising; in 2015, there were over two million students enrolled, compared to 800,000 in 1980. While this increase could be seen as an advantage to many employers, it also presents a considerable, often daunting challenge to organizational recruitment.

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Generation X Remains a Dynamic Workplace Phenomenon

With all the talk of Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials comprising the majority of today’s workplace, one in-between generation seems to get lost in the shuffle. Let’s take a look into a recent study and see what makes Generation X tick.

July 25, 2017 – With so much attention directed at upstart Millennials, employers may be overlooking their employees from the 40-something generation. New research out of the U.K. shows that employees from Generation X mirror many of the workplace trends of their younger counterparts in terms of switching jobs, demanding diverse skill-sets and forging careers or part-time gigs from their personal passions.

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Top small and medium employers play outsized role

Canada’s top small and medium employers offer share purchase plans and the more daring have progressive initiatives, such as unlimited vacation policies – increasingly popular in this sector.

Special to The Globe and Mail
May 4, 2017

You don't have to be big to be best. Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers 2017 offer competitive benefits that can rival any larger company.

This year's winning organizations display a wide variety of best practices that you might not have expected to find in private-sector commercial enterprises with fewer than 500 employees.

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Realign your organization to move forward

Harvey Schachter
Special to The Globe and Mail
August 7, 2017

It's obviously helpful in organizations for everyone to be heading in the same direction, rather than working at cross purposes. It's called alignment and we have all heard calls to attain that blessed state but might wonder exactly what it is, where it occurs and how to get there.

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Companies Losing Candidates From Poor Background Checks

Nearly one in six HR managers rate their background-check candidate experience as fair or poor. A new report from CareerBuilder takes a look at strategies to help optimize the background-check process for candidates.

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The changing role of today’s CFO

Special to The Globe and Mail
August 11, 2017

Kevin Craig is managing director, Concur Canada.

Technology has created an ever-changing business world, and businesses leaders must adapt to stay relevant and successful. This trend has become ever-apparent for CFOs, as many begin a greater focus on strategy and take a broader approach to business leadership, effectively stepping into a similar role to the CEO.

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Global talent shortages are worsening; 40 percent of companies now report they are having trouble filling important roles. (more…)

October 3, 2016 – 
Nearly all respondents — a full 95 percent — expect recruiting to be as or more challenging in 2017 as this year (more…)

Nearly half of global HR managers (46 percent) struggle to find good global candidates with an international outlook, according to recent (more…)

Much has been made recently about millennials in the workplace, and with good reason: they are now the largest demographic in the workforce, and more than half are considering leaving their current position within three years, according to a 2015 study conducted by Elance. Click here to read the full article…