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Weigh your capabilities and needs before summoning outside help, says a new report by IQTalent Partners. In-house resources, confidentiality and budget should all be factors in your ultimate decision. October 9, 2019 – Starting the search for a new executive is often a watershed experience for any organization. New leaders, after all, have a substantial impact on everything from culture and engagement to business goals. Making the right hiring decision can produce positive results in every direction. Read the full article here.

In today’s candidate-driven market, employers must be willing to give their employees more than just a paycheck. From the very first contact, companies must make every job seeker’s experience a top priority. A just-released report by Execu|Search Group provides a new guide to winning the talent wars.

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The Old Method of Hiring No Longer Works. Times have changed!

Do You Make These Common Mistakes When Attracting Chief Financial Officers?

September 14, 2018 – CFOs continue to be in high demand. Finding them is keeping many of the nation’s top recruitment operations busier than ever.

In recent months, search firms of all varieties have placed CFOs at various companies.

Ontario-headquartered executive search firm the Verriez Group recently recruited Amy Butler as senior vice-president and chief financial officer for Farm Mutual Re, Canada’s first completely Canadian-owned reinsurance company. Brent Verriez and Paul Verriez led the search.

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The Hiring Managers who are struggling to attract the Top Candidates tend to surround themselves with other Recruitment and Search Firm owners who are in this exact same position.

Let’s call it the “association trap.”

And the danger is, if you surround yourself with recruiters like this too often, you will end up picking up the same habits and achieving similar results to them. You will never seem able to get the best in the industry, because the top candidates avoid these firms like the plague.

If you want to upgrade the results you’re currently getting, you’re going to need to look at what you are doing and who is doing what for you. To find the best search firm, you need to know what questions to ask. Click HERE for the most important questions to ask a search firm before hiring them.

CEO, Toronto Financial Services Alliance

Speak to any CEO in the financial sector and they will no doubt cite attracting top talent as one of their highest priorities. It is also increasingly one of the industry’s top challenges as the pace of technological change accelerates and transforms traditional business models. Today, the industry must not only attract talent for the roles it has open now, it also needs to anticipate the skills it will require in three to five years in this rapidly evolving landscape. Shifting customer preferences, increasing competition from non-traditional players, big data and emerging technologies are all changing the way financial products and services are delivered. Too often the discussion around talent today focuses on what skills and jobs will disappear, not on the skills we need in the future and how we are going to find and attract that talent.

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Research points to another important trait that can determine the success of a new hire.

February 1, 2018|by Dylan Walsh

January 23, 2018 – As technology transforms organizations, skills needs are changing rapidly and companies are struggling to find the talent they need. The key to coming out on top for individuals and employers alike is to develop the best blend of technical skills and soft skills, according to a recent report issued by ManpowerGroup.

The “Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions in the Skills Revolution” report surveyed 20,000 employers across 42 countries on the impact of automation on headcount, the functions most impacted and the soft skills that are both of greatest value and hardest to find. The report finds that as companies go digital, in the near-term most will need more people, not fewer.

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It can be tough to choose the perfect person to help grow your company. Here are five suggestions from one leading executive recruiter for finding leaders that will transform your organization and drive significant change.

November 30, 2017 – Keeping up with the rapid pace of change is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. With technology advancing rapidly and the expectations of customers shifting, achieving success depends on finding talent that can move and transform as rapidly as the business itself.

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Bob was a lawyer with a reputation as a great negotiator. He was tough, bellicose and obstinate, a yeller and table banger, willing to say no without further discussion.

Mike, also a lawyer, was the polar opposite. He was clear about his objectives, centred and calm when everyone else was losing their cool.

He exemplified the three qualities that Corey Kupfer, author of Authentic Negotiating, says are central to success when bargaining, be it for work, a car, or a new home: clarity, detachment, and equilibrium.

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