Recruiting a new employee is never an easy process. Not only is it time-consuming to sift through hundreds of CVs and cover letters, it can be hard to know exactly who will be a good fit.

Conventional wisdom suggests businesses to look for skilled workers with the most – and most relevant – experience, but this isn’t all that employers should be looking for. When it comes to hiring someone new, finding someone with potential can be just as important.

Consider these two candidates. One is a chief executive officer who appears to have an impressive background and has years of experience in running a company, but struggles to adapt and adjust to an ever-changing market. Another has worked as a senior manager and lacks the relevant industry experience, but is versatile, a fast-learner and is willing to push hard to move the business forward.

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In a new report, Bruce Powell, co-founder of IQ Partners, reveals the key ingredients to look for in a leader for your organization. Vision, transparency and communication are at the top of his list of 10 key leadership qualities.

February 18, 2020 – Executive-level talent can have a huge impact on the success of an organization. These individuals affect the culture, performance and perception of every business. So it is that finding the right people to lead and represent your brand is the most significant decision any top leader, board or head of talent will make. Employers typically use an executive search firm when a top job opening is important enough, senior enough and when discretion is at a premium. These three factors warrant the investment of bringing in a search firm.

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Why is it that people in seemingly great places – good careers or relationships – leave to pursue more?

Growing up, Alan Gertner was the type of kid who preferred computer camp to sports camp. And in 2015, he was working his dream job at Google, having spent six years rising through the ranks. He started in Mountainview as a senior associate and ended up in his most recent role, based in Singapore, leading the Asia Pacific Online Travel team – at only 30 years old.

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An increase in VC funding is good news for our clients in the FinTech sector, but with that comes more competition for the best senior finance talent. We’ll be here to help our clients with their hiring and retention strategies as they grow.


PwC Canada and CB Insights have released the MoneyTree report on Canadian investment trends for the second half and full year of 2019. All figures are in USD.

This year saw venture capital (VC) funding rise to a record-setting $4.1 billion. Although Canadian funding experienced an 11 percent decline in deal count last year, the report tracked a 16 percent increase in year-over-year funding. Some massive rounds from last year were not included in this year’s report, including Verafin’s round, as the company did not disclose the debt and equity break out, and Sonder’s $210 million raise as the company is now headquartered in the United States.

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Knowing basic steps of the executive search process is the best way to making smart choices about what recruiter is best for your company’s needs. It all points to developing a strategy that will yield the best candidates.

The executive search process varies little from search firm to search firm. Every time they conduct a senior-level executive assignment, executive recruiters follow the same basic search process.

“Of course, since the retained search process and the pricing look pretty much the same at most traditional recruiting firms, it can be challenging for executive search buyers to figure out which firm to select,” said Krista Bradford, founder and CEO of The Good Search, in a newly-released report. But before we get into the nuances, you first must learn some basic steps.

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