Many big organizations are ­failing to see much return from investment in people analytics, says a new report by Options Group. But those that continue building people analytics capabilities do discover how powerful the systematic harnessing of people data can be. It’s all about getting through the early challenges. Click here to read the full article

  • “People are an organization’s most significant source of competitive advantage,” Accenture’s HR chief Ellyn Shook told Business Insider at the Davos 2020 conference.
  • Even as more work gets automated, Shook said “uniquely human skills” such as creativity, collaboration, and communication are becoming increasingly valuable.
  • Shook said Accenture looks at technology as a way to “elevate humans and not eliminate humans.”
  • As companies navigate rapid technological changes, however, Shook also stressed the need to build trust with employees by being transparent.

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Finding and placing top talent is only going to become more important in the years ahead. According to a new report from LinkedIn, flexibility, insight and tech tools are all going to take on greater significance for recruiters. Let’s take a closer look.

November 20, 2019 – If you’re in the recruiting industry today, your job might be unrecognizable in five years — even if you retain the same job title.  Click here to read the full article