Over the past few years, we have been receiving increasing numbers of unsolicited resumes each day. In a lot of instances they are from the US or international locations, but we get a lot of contact from potential candidates in various parts of Canada as well.


Most of the emails appear to be sent to multiple recruiters and executive search firms, as they usually begin with, “Dear Recruiters”. I am concerned for the candidates who send them in, as when resumes are sent out indiscriminately, confidentiality goes right out the window. Unless a specific background gets noticed, most of the time it is either deleted or goes into the filing system never to be seen again.


If a candidate wants to keep options open for a career change it is far better to do the homework and find a search firm or consultant that specializes in his or her particular function or industry. Many people think the blitzing the market is the way to go, but the opposite approach will yield better results. Yes, it’s possible to luck out once in a while and get that lead or job, but 95% of the time a person who saturates the marketplace with resumes appears either too eager to move, unemployed or is in every recruiter’s database.


With nearly 30 years in the search business we have seen many changes in hiring practices. Quality candidates are those who are very successful in their roles, stay more than 5 years with their employers, and keep getting promoted. Quality candidates also do their own due diligence and select an executive search firm that can help them.


I do hope this is of value when seeking a career move!