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Successful executive search and recruitment doesn't just happen; it takes time, dedication, research, creativity, an appreciation of both client and candidate requirements, plus an in-depth knowledge of national and international talent acquisition.


This is precisely why Verriez has been the 'go-to' retained executive search company for Ontario, Canada and international businesses for almost 30 years.


Every executive position or senior level role you need to fill has unique requirements for skills, experience, and leadership qualities. So at Verriez, we take a custom-made approach to achieve a successful fit of exceptional candidate to exciting executive role.


At Verriez, we help national and international businesses acquire the exceptional talent they need, and progressing candidates in their executive careers.


Founded in 1985 in SouthWestern Ontario by Paul Verriez, our company's success in acquiring top management talent for challenging leadership positions has been built on long-term relationships established over thirty years. Our clients now call on Verriez to source exceptional candidates from all parts of Canada and the USA, to fill positions both in Canada and internationally.


Executive Search by Role, Not Type of Business

Unlike most retained search firms, we are functional specialists and not specialist by industry. We have extensive experience placing Financial Officers and CFO’s in almost every industry’

Find out more about our Financial Officer Search Services here.


The Verriez Team

Our expert executive search consultants understand the demands of sourcing quality candidates for Canadian and international executive roles. Together, they have an unbeatable combination of market knowledge backed with experience, plus the flexibility offered by an exclusive search firm, rather than a large ‘faceless’ multi-national recruitment company. Discover more about the Verriez team and our Executive Search Experience portfolio.


Executive Coaching Support

In some scenarios, a more structured approach to coaching may be required to benefit our clients, whether employee or candidate. Any individual moving into a new executive role will have a myriad of challenges to navigate from the moment they arrive, which can be stressful for both the new employee and the employers. Numerous studies have shown that having access to confidential coaching support on a daily basis can make the essential difference between simply keeping your head above water, and actually diving in and leading from the first day. So, we partner with a leading business coaching practice to offer exemplary executive and leadership coaching services - just contact us for details.


Exit Interviews

Knowing why employees leave is the key to keeping good ones in the future. An exit interview is your chance to find out why they are leaving, and fix the problems to prevent costly and potentially demoralizing employee turnover in the future.


In most cases, employees will not be frank during an exit interview conducted by their own employer, but will provide a more honest and detailed report to a third party like ourselves. What you can learn from exit interviews is astounding. Important information can be gathered that can help you reduce future turnover, improve HR practices, and possibly identify key problems, such as unprofessional, unethical or unlawful conduct in your workplace.


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